IT Services in Austin: Should You Outsource or Keep Them In-House?

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There’s no question that your company needs IT services to run efficiently. However, there are a few different ways you can approach IT. You can either hire an IT person for your staff or you can outsource to a company that offers IT services in Austin. Every company has different needs, so it’s worth considering both options. Here’s what to expect with both types of services:

In-House IT

In the past, most companies kept their IT in-house because there weren’t options to outsource their tech needs to an IT firm. The biggest advantage of having an in-house IT person is that they are physically working in the same office as the rest of your staff and are on hand to fix things manually when a problem occurs.

However, there are actually many downsides to keeping an in-house IT person, particularly as a small business. One of the biggest problems with this approach is that it’s difficult for a small IT staff of just one or two people to manage every maintenance request that comes their way. This is not only stressful for them, but it also leads to frustration and a lack of productivity among the rest of the employees.

It can also actually be more expensive to hire an in-house IT person. You need to pay them a full-time salary, whereas with an outsourced IT services team in Austin, you just pay for the services you actually using and you can choose a price package that suits your budget. In-house IT also requires extra office space, which you could be using for something else.

Outsourced IT

An increasing number of small businesses are now opting to outsource their IT needs to an IT support company as this becomes more widely available. There are many advantages to doing this. The first is that you get access to a huge team of IT experts without the price of hiring them full-time. An outsourced IT team can take a holistic look at your technology and help you upgrade and manage it in a way that makes the most sense for your company. Although outsourced IT isn’t there with you on-site, they do provide 24/7 support, so there’s actually less risk of your company having to take downtime due to a technical error.

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