IT Support in Austin: Here’s Why Hackers are Keen on Hijacking Your Internet Traffic

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Do you use your computer to access the internet? Are you sure of the security layers you have in place as protection when surfing the internet? If you are not quite sure about your internet security, then you need to pay particular attention to what our expert IT support team in Austin has to say about DNS security and how hackers exploit computer systems with weak security measures.

What is DNS?

DNS is short for domain name system. Simply put, a DNS can be defined as a system by which IP addresses and internet domain names are tracked on the internet.

Domain names and IP addresses are used to locate and identify computer services and/or devices that are connected to the internet. It is much easier to remember the domain name of say a site like rather than memorizing its IP address which is

In short, the DNS is tasked with the translation of domain makes into their IP addresses allowing you, the user, to locate the resources you are looking for on the internet.

How Does DNS Work?

As a professional IT support provider in Austin, we can simplify the process of how DNS works for all to understand. Now, consider this: you know how you use your GPS to help you find your path along intricate roads? So, DNS plays the same function but now it helps guide you through mazes and paths on the internet leading you to your desired destination on the internet.

Similar to your GPS, the DNS will only function as expected if no one interferes with it. Remember, if someone had powers of reconfiguring your GPS to lead you to the wrong place, you would actually go to this wrong place. Similarly, for DNS, hackers can distort it, redirecting your internet searches and queries to sites on the internet that were not your intended destination.

Who Sets Your DNS?

There are three entities that are authorized to set your DNS:

  • Your internet service provider (ISP)
  • Google Public DNS
  • Your preferred cyber security solution in Austin which comes fitted with DNS-based traffic filtering

How Can Hackers Compromise Your DNS Security?

There are two ways by which malicious attackers and hackers can hack and mess up your DNS settings:

  • Exploitation of security vulnerabilities found on the servers that are tasked with running DNS services for your computer
  • Altering the way in which DNS works

A Final Thought

There is so much that you need to understand about DNS security. In this article, we have leveraged our expertise as an IT support provider in Austin to bring you the basics. To learn more about DNS security and how to protect yourself from hackers, do not hesitate to contact us at Contigo Technology. We will be happy to guide you on best practices to stay safe online.