Managed IT Services in Austin: Is It Time to Bring in Project Management Software?

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Projects commonly come in overdue, overbudget, and missing key components, according to the experts on managed IT services Austin companies trust with their technology projects. The reasons for failure range from poor communication to insufficient resources.

Here are five signs your company should consider PM software:

#1 You make decisions without solid data

To make an informed decision, in any capacity, you need to know where you stand and what you have. That requires solid data and current status information. Without this information, you can only make educated guesses.

PM software provides data snapshots and history of key metrics, such as utilization data, profitability at the task level, and budget comparisons.

#2 It’s hard to keep everyone in the loop

A modern project management system is more than a task organizer and tracker. It offers advanced communication and collaboration tools to project participants, allowing each to retrieve updates based on their assigned role.

If your current system requires you to transfer project data to a third-party system just to send out status reports to clients and stakeholders, it’s time to change your process.

#3 You run out of time and money but aren’t sure why

The last time you had a project come in overdue or over budget, could you identify what caused those overages?

Project management software makes it much easier to see why your timeline or budget is off track, according to the experts on managed IT services Austin businesses trust with their IT projects. You can see how much time is being spent on each task, how much it costs, and if your current timeline is accurate.

#4 Team members don’t know what anyone else is doing

It’s easy for a single team member to get immersed in their assigned tasks and forget what others are doing. This is great for productivity but can be an issue when someone else depends on another to complete a task before starting their own. PM software shows what everyone is working on.

#5 Your team is disconnected

While team members are responsible for their tasks, they all contribute to the success of the entire project. A good PM software system offers a collaboration platform to keep everyone informed of project progress and show areas where participants can contribute more. It’s also a place for socialization and information exchange.


Project management software is a tool that can keep your project on track, on time, and on budget. If you need further information, contact us at Contigo Technology. We are the experts on managed IT services Austin businesses rely on for managing their technology projects.