Securing Your Networks and Routers with Managed IT Services in Austin

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For most companies in Texas, security is a top concern when looking for a provider of managed IT services in Austin. The convenience and cost-effectiveness of streamlined processes are appealing, but not if it meant sacrificing security. The financial impact of data breaches is too high to take the risk. According to data gathered from IBM’s report named Examining the 2018 Cost of a Data Breach, businesses lose an average of $7.91 million in their effort to fix the damage caused by compromised sensitive data. Large corporations may be able to bounce back from that dent in budget, but small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are likely to fold.

Given what’s at stake, it’s crucial for businesses— especially SMBs— to focus on cyber security in Austin, particularly on their networking devices such as routers and firewalls. When used together, these devices enable secure communication over the internet, but they also become threats when infected by malware. One such notable case is VPNFilter, a Russian malware that infected at least 500,000 routers (including those behind firewalls) across more than 50 countries in early 2018. It wreaked havoc by exploiting network-attached storage, harvesting data, and blocking access to some apps.

FBI managed to shut down the domain responsible for VPNFilter, but it’s only a matter of time before a newer and bigger threat comes enters the scene. Make sure you’re prepared by doing the following:

Switch to Enterprise-Grade Networking Devices

Firewalls and routers for home use should never be used for business reasons, even if your business is an SMB. Upgrade to enterprise-grade devices for additional security of your customers’ data. You’ll also get appropriate support from the manufacturer.

Partner with a Provider You Can Trust

Security is best left to experts, like providers of managed IT services in Austin. They can evaluate your current IT infrastructure, assess threat levels, and recommend preventive measures to take. For ideal results, choose a provider that makes security their focus.

Train Your Staff on Security Awareness

Ignorance plays a big role in data breaches. It can start from something as simple as a click on a wrong link masquerading as a legitimate one. If your staff isn’t trained to spot red flags, they can unknowingly compromise security. But if they’re armed with knowledge, they can help nip attempted attacks in the bud.

For a security-focused provider of managed IT services in Austin, look no further than Contigo Technology, a reputable IT leader in the city. Our many offerings include managed security for the proactive management and protection of your IT ecosystem. Contact us today for more information.