5 Reasons You Need a Server Maintenance Plan from an IT Support Provider in Austin

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IT support firms in Austin can help you develop a server maintenance plan to keep your technology up to date and always working correctly. Proactive IT maintenance will significantly reduce downtime and enable each employee to be much more productive. On the other hand, failure to properly maintain servers can lead to a wide range of technical issues.

Here are five reasons why you need to consider a server maintenance plan in today’s work environment:

#1 Data Backups

Even the best servers can crash and cause you to lose all your data. The best way to prevent this dire scenario is to use a managed IT service provider that will back up the information on your servers on a daily basis. These data backups use cloud technology to store all your information on an offsite server for an added layer of protection.

#2 Enhance IT Security

Always keeping your servers up to date will prevent cybercriminals from gaining access to your network. IT support firms in Austin will monitor your servers around the clock for any unusual activity. These proactive IT services can prevent the vast majority of cybersecurity incidents in the workplace.

#3 Account Management

Employee turnover is inevitable in the workplace. Regular server maintenance will automatically deactivate old accounts to ensure that former employees do not have access to confidential data. A managed service provider will also make it easier for new employees to set up and create accounts.

#4 Remote Monitoring Services

Remote monitoring services are essential in staying one step ahead of cyber threats. Mobile devices in the workplace further increase the need for remote monitoring and maintenance. An IT provider will make sure that everything is operating well and that only authorized devices have access to the network.

#5 Advanced Virus Protection

Server maintenance is essential in detecting viruses before they spread to other areas within the network. A managed service provider uses the latest technology to give your business access to advanced virus and malware protection. Ultimately, this will prevent a lot of downtime in the workplace and save your company money in the long-term.

A server maintenance plan from IT support firms in Austin is essential in preventing downtime and improving employee productivity in the workplace. At Contigo Technology, we can keep your information protected on the network through the use of data backups, enhance IT security, account management, remote monitoring, and advanced virus protection. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of a server maintenance plan.