Advantages of MDM from an IT Support Firm in Austin

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A Larger Technology “Surface Area”

IT support in Austin must provide essential services, and those shift as technology does. Now, the trend is in mobile tech, which has outpaced desktop computers in terms of internet access prevalence. The more tech devices using the web there are, the greater their “surface area” in terms of digital accessibility.

What is MDM?

Basically, mobile tech can allow you to totally outsource your IT infrastructure; but doing so will open you up to have data stolen or your network hijacked by cybercriminal elements.

Getting past this requires management. Mobile device management (MDM) represents an essential part of any mobile operations paradigm. Consider these reasons why:

Increased Operational Visibility

IT support in Austin facilitating MDM protocols gives your business perspective pertaining to remote operations. You’ll be able to collect comprehensive data otherwise unavailable. This will help you concentrate on the most effective employees and identify patterns of effectiveness going forward.

Automatic Unilateral Software Upgrade / Management

When you’re not managing devices through an MDM protocol, updates, reboots, and remote shut down are items of technology beyond your control. When you’ve got MDM protocols in place, these things can be managed with the click of a mouse from a “home base” of operations, or, more affordably, through the right MSP.

Reduction in Risk of Data Loss, Alteration, or Misuse

You’re not going to have data be compromised by cybercriminals nearly so much if you’ve got MDM protocols in play. MSPs offer options like two-factor verification. Additionally, you can find solutions which involve monitoring.

Sometimes a single device becomes infected by malware or hijacked by a cybercriminal, and through the right MDM options, you can quarantine that device immediately.

There are going to be instances when your network is breached, and without MDM, it’s going to be more damaging. Because technology is continuously developing, new solutions and new threats emanate on a regular basis.

Cybercrime is a cottage industry of black-hat tech groups located around the world, and part of their modus operandi involves probing unprotected networks to find ways of exploiting unsuspecting victims. The highwaymen of yore and yon are digital now, and you need technological MDM bodyguards to protect the information passengers in mobile caravans.

Safeguarding Mobile Operations

IT support in Austin through Contigo Technology can help you reduce the loss of data, data alteration, or other misuses through MDM. Additionally, MDM can keep your devices up-to-date, and facilitate increased operational visibility. Contact us for more information on technology transitions and your business’ Contact us for more information best options.