The Basics of Cyber Threats as Explained by Our Leading IT Services Team in Austin

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Businesses of all types and sizes need digital security protections. Even if you have a single computer in your office, you should understand the basics of cyber security. Below, our IT services team in Austin details the basics of cyber threats and how to keep your business protected.

Cyber Security Threats

Cyber security threats are attempts to compromise a computer system or network. Hackers and the viruses they create attempt to access private files and pilfer data. Cyber security threats range from phishing to unpatched software, worms that travel across networks, Trojans, ransomware and beyond. However, you are not powerless against these threats. Our cyber security team in Austin is on your side to ensure one of these many threats does not compromise your business.

The Origins of Cyber Threats

Cyber threats originate with human beings. Hackers create viruses, ransomware and launch other digital attacks for various reasons. Some digital miscreants simply want to wreak havoc on private enterprises. Others design digital threats to steal data and sell it on the black market. In fact, some hackers have political motives. Regardless of why cyber threats are launched, it is imperative your business has the appropriate defenses in place.

The Importance of Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cyber threats are often difficult to identify simply because they are designed to be covert. Today’s highly sophisticated digital attacks are challenging to source back to their originator(s). However, there are some digital “footprints” of sorts left behind. Businesses should have clear visibility beyond the limits of their digital borders for monitoring purposes.

Our IT services team in Austin can monitor your network traffic, IP addresses, CIDR blocks and beyond so you can focus on what you do best. The more monitoring performed, the easier it is to obtain critically important insight into your current cyber security, the threats to your business and those behind them. This knowledge is essential to ensure you can proactively combat these threats with the appropriate response.

Be Aware of Emerging Threats

Emerging digital threats are detailed in threat advisories. Such advisories are published for business review to enhance the digital security of systems and devices. However, there is only so much your in-house IT team can do to protect your hardware, software, and network. From employee education on digital security to updating anti-virus software, implementing firewalls and using the appropriate intrusion detection systems, there are all sorts of helpful ways to minimize your vulnerability to cyber threats. Most businesses find their internal team already has enough on their plate. When in doubt, ask for assistance from a proven cyber security team in Austin to ensure you have the latest and most effective forms of protection. An outside partner will provide vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, around-the-clock help and advanced threat monitoring solutions.

Contigo Technology is at Your Service

Our IT services team in Austin is always ready to help your business combat tech threats of every variety. We provide cyber security training, disaster recovery services, and digital security protections to ensure your business operates efficiently and securely. Contact us now for more information.