IT Support in Austin: How Virtualization Can Help Deal with Malware

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Every organization tries its level best to keep away from all manner of IT security threats. One such threat comes from malware intrusions. Using an anti-malware solution seems to be a workable fix; however, this is not the only way that you can deal with this threat. Matter of fact, this reactive IT solution is not the best. In our experience as an IT support provider in Austin, we have discovered that virtualization is a much better way of dealing with malware. Read on to learn more about this solution.

But first,

What is Virtualization?

This refers to the process of creating virtual versions of computer platforms, storage devices, hardware, and computer networks. These virtual resources work the same way as physical hardware, only that most of these are backed up in the secure cloud.


This is the process by which a program or application can be tricked to think that it is running in the actual computer so that its behavior can be seen and if it is hiding malware. The malware can be detected and removed in a safe environment.

Sound simple and direct right?

Well, it is not as simple as it sounds, that is why it is highly advised that you seek the services of a talented cyber security expert in Austin to help in the design and implementation of sandboxing technique.

What are some of the ways in which you can implement virtualization for your firm?

Given a choice, we believe that you should work with an IT support provider in Austin specialized in offering cyber security services to help in designing and implementing your firm’s virtualization process.

Here are some of the ways in which IT professionals can help:

  • Network – this combines software and hardware network resources to create a logical network which makes it possible for your IT team or MSP to arrest malware attacks before they do substantial damage to your IT infrastructure.
  • Storage – Cloud storage makes it possible to protect you to save your critical data in the cloud, thereby having a backup that you can fall back on in the event of a malware attack that paralyzes your physical resources.
  • Server virtualization – this works by masking your server resources, enabling you to partition your physical server. By doing so, you can easily allocate one of the partitions as the place where you do all of your testing for suspect software and programs, thereby keeping the other portions safe.

At Contigo Technology, we believe that it is very important for you to ensure that you use IT solutions that would help secure your firm and keep you safe amidst the many internet security threats facing companies today. As a leading IT support provider in Austin, we have what it takes to help you design, deploy and manage a robust virtualization process to ensure that malware viruses are kept at bay. Contact us now for more information.