How Managed IT Services in Austin Can Keep You HIPAA Compliant

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Keeping up-to-date with the latest HIPAA regulations is a top priority for healthcare institutions. Managed IT services providers in Austin can play a key role in helping your organization follow these guidelines and staying well-protected from cyber-attacks. For example, a ransomware attack can devastate the reputation of a healthcare organization and lead to substantial costs. However, an IT service provider will ensure that you remain well-protected, while also staying in HIPAA compliance.

Here are three ways that a managed service provider can keep your healthcare institution up-to-date with the latest HIPAA regulations:

#1 Advanced Malware Protection

Advanced malware protection plays an essential role in keeping your healthcare company safe at all times. Keeping your endpoints secure with intrusion prevention systems, next-generation firewalls, and the latest antivirus software are a few ways an IT provider can prevent cyber-attacks from stealing patient information. Staying up to date with the latest malware protection is critical in today’s age of advanced cyber threats.

#2 Automatic Software Updates

Managed IT services in Austin gives your healthcare organization an added layer of protection by automatically installing the latest software updates. These updates will fix any potential security vulnerabilities and keep your system operating at an optimal level. Employees will also not have to worry about taking the extra time to install these updates, as a managed service provider will handle these updates for each operating system as soon as they become available.

#3 Incident Response Plans

HIPAA requires each healthcare organization to have a strategic plan in place for ransomware attacks and other cyber threats in the workplace. An IT service provider will create an incident response plan to help your company prepare for a wide range of scenarios. These strategic plans are designed to limit the impact of data loss and reduce the amount of downtime for your organization. A managed service provider will also continue to modify an incident response plan to ensure that you are always well-prepared for any situation.

Managed IT services in Austin will enable your healthcare company to remain in HIPAA compliance in today’s digital work environment. Advanced malware protection, automatic software updates, and incident response plans are just a few ways an IT service company can help your healthcare institution stay safe and secure. Contigo Technology is an IT support company with many years of experience in cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance. Our IT professionals are always available to offer the best customer service by providing employee awareness training, IT help desk support, and around the clock monitoring services. Contact us today to learn more ways that you can remain in HIPAA compliance.