How Our Managed IT Services Team in Austin Can Help with the Nightmare of Compromised Passwords

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Aside from a physical break-in at your office in which all your computers and networking equipment are stolen, just about nothing is worse than a compromised password. Sadly, most businesses do not enlist the assistance of a managed IT services provider in Austin to prevent such digital theft. Making matters worse is the fact that the average organization does not emphasize password security.

Use Unique Passwords Across Your Organization

If your employees use similar passwords, it is a major security risk. Use your mind’s eye to imagine a cyber thief gaining access to an employee’s account. If employee passwords are similar, it won’t take long to access other accounts in your organization. It is certainly possible the hacker will obtain control of several accounts. Though relying on the same password makes it quick and easy to log into the system, this lazy approach makes your entire system that much more vulnerable. If you are ever hesitant about password security, do the smart thing by asking for help from our managed IT services team in Austin. We know exactly how long passwords should be and the characters they should contain.

Update Your Password Quality Standards

Countless business owners, managers, and even some IT people relied on outdated practices when generating passwords. The password quality standards of yesteryear are no longer applicable to today. It is imperative your employees change their passwords with regularity. There is no sense abiding by the password complexity rules of years ago that mandated the use of a special character, number and uppercase letter.

Too many employees simply capitalize the first letter of the password and tack on a number or two along with a special character at the very end. Hackers are well aware of these tendencies. Let our cyber security team in Austin review your passwords and provide ongoing guidance for password protection. Once you are certain your passwords are appropriately complex, you will rest easy knowing your data is perfectly safe.

Never Let Employees Share Passwords

All too often, passwords are shared between employees. Sharing credentials makes it that much easier for passwords to be compromised. Unfortunately, plenty of managers do not understand why sharing passwords is so risky. Sharing of passwords alleviates accountability while providing access to sensitive internal business data that not every employee should view/use.

We are Here to Help

At Contigo Technology, our managed IT services team in Austin is at your service. We can help with everything— from password protection to digital safeguards, employee cybersecurity training, and so much more. Contact us today for more information.