Managed IT Services in Austin: Understanding the Key Differences Between the Deep Web & Dark Web

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Many people use the words “deep web” and “dark web” interchangeably but do not realize the key differences between each term. However, managed IT services providers in Austin can help you gain a better understanding of the main distinctions between each of these terms. Taking the extra time to learn the difference is essential in maximizing cybersecurity for your Austin company and always staying a step ahead of cybercriminals.

Deep Web

The vast majority of people access the deep web each day without even realizing it. The deep web contains content that isn’t indexed by search engines, such as logging into your social media, email, or bank account. In other words, the deep web consists of millions of pages online that are protected with passwords. Unlike the dark web, you do not need a VPN or a special browser to access the deep web.

Dark Web

The dark web is a much smaller area of the internet compared to the deep web. The only way to access the dark web is by using a browser that encrypts your identity, such as the Tor web browser. The dark web has a reputation for being an area rife with criminal activities, yet the majority of the web traffic isn’t related to criminals. Instead, many users from other countries use the dark web to anonymously browse the web without interference from the government. However, the ability to hide your location and identity makes the dark web a popular place for illegal activity.

Bitcoin is the main currency on the dark web because it is almost impossible to trace. For example, many cybercriminals purchase illegal software to target businesses by using bitcoin currency. Understanding the ever-evolving nature of cyber threats is essential in keeping your company safe from these attacks. Managed IT services providers in Austin can play a key role in keeping all of your data protected and prevent it from falling into the hands of cybercriminals on the dark web.

Understanding the differences between the deep web and the dark web is important for cybersecurity. Anyone can access the deep web by simply logging into your email or bank account. However, the dark web requires special software and is much smaller compared to the deep web.

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