5 Ways an IT Support Provider in Austin Can Protect Your Mobile Workforce

IT support providers in Austin can help ensure that your mobile workforce always remains protected. New cyber threats emerge on a daily basis, so it is essential to use an IT provider that specializes in the latest cyber security practices. Here are five ways that an IT provider can protect your mobile workforce from the wide variety of cyber threats:

1. Transparent Security Policy

One of the most effective ways to protect employees is to create a transparent security policy that is easy for everyone to understand and follow. A clear security policy will define specific boundaries and hold each employee accountable for their actions.

2. Multi-Factor Authentication

Another important way to keep your mobile workforce protected is through the use of multi-factor authentication technology. Instead of simply relying on a login name and password, multi-factor authentication requires an employee to have access to another device to confirm identification.

3. Control Digital Assets

An IT support provider in Austin can allow you to gain greater control over digital assets. Instead of allowing multiple copies of digital media to be transferred to other devices, an IT provider can offer live data viewing on your company’s server. This is just an added layer of protection from data loss while also allowing employees to view essential information in the workplace.

4. Around-The-Clock Monitoring

Cyber security is a 24/7 job, as cyber threats continually look for new ways to penetrate the network of a business. However, an IT provider can prevent the vast majority of issues by providing network monitoring for identifying any unusual areas of activity on your system. Cyber security experts in Austin can resolve any potential IT security issues before they develop into a significant problem.

5. Layered Security System

A layered security system is an excellent way to prevent significant breaches, as it relegates mobile devices to only certain areas of the network. Instead of experiencing a wide-ranging data breach, these security incidents will only occur at a limited area of the system.

Mobile devices will continue to become more prevalent in the workplace. Using IT support in Austin can help your company to stay secure against cyber threats. Contigo Technology is an IT provider that offers the latest cyber security protection for a wide range of businesses. We understand the importance of providing around-the-clock IT support, and we can help your company gain access to the latest technology. For more information about our IT services, feel free to contact us.