January 7, 2021

Andrew Williams chosen to be on Kaseya’s Advisory Council

Bryan Fuller (left) & Andrew Williams

Contigo’s Andrew Williams is in charge of the quality of it’s IT support service offering. His responsibilities include managing a team of 20 technicians, overseeing on-going projects, and integration of more than 15 software products deployed across its client base.   Over the past two years, Andrew has done an exceptional job integrating and massaging these software products, enhancing Contigo’s overall ability to keep our clients secure.

As for all these products that Contigo utilizes, our most important provider is Kaseya.   Kaseya is a global corporation, which focuses on providing IT support companies such as Contigo,  with a wide variety of security and monitoring tools.

Kaseya management recognized Andrew’s dedication and attention to detail while integrating their toolsets within Contigo.   Thus, Kaseya recently extended Andrew an offer to be on their Customer Advisory Council.   Here Andrew will provide real-world recommendations to Kaseya’s product managers, in an effort to help companies like Contigo, provide their clients with a better overall experience.

Tip of the hat to our Andrew Williams on becoming a leader in the IT support industry.