Applying Necessary Managed Security with IT Support in Austin

IT support providers in Austin provide a number of different services, including some of the most effective pertaining to security facilitation. It is good to have firewalls, it is good to have BDR (Backup and Data Recovery) solutions in order that business continuity can be more easily facilitated. It is good to have antivirus software. It is also good to educate your employees such that they are enabled to more effectively operate. One might even argue that these things are fundamental. But something linking them all together, and perhaps more important than anything else, is managed security.

Managed security can continuously monitor your operations to ensure anomalies aren’t of the impacting variety. Some anomalies pertain to technology degradation are natural, some come from user error, and some come from cybercriminals trying to sneak into your network via back channels. Several things managed services solutions will help your business facilitate include:

  • Faster Response to Anomalous Activity
  • Better Knowledge of Burgeoning Tech Threats
  • Helping Fill Security Gaps Otherwise Unnoticed

Faster Response to Anomalous Activity

An IT support provider in Austin that provides monitoring solutions can help you quarantine digital viruses quicker, stopping their spread through your network. The right kind of monitoring solution will likely be able to spot troublesome situations before they begin to seriously compromise you. If you do not have proactive monitoring support in terms of security, you won’t know you’ve got an issue until the cybercriminal strikes. This can cost you tens of thousands of dollars in the wrong circumstance. If a cybersecurity solution of the monitored variety can stop just one attack of that magnitude, it has paid for itself.

Better Knowledge of Burgeoning Tech Threats

It’s worth noting that technology’s continuous development likewise predicates continuously developing cybercriminal threats. As new innovations arise, they bring with them new vulnerabilities that could leave you wide open for attack. If you don’t use monitored tech solutions, you won’t have new protections immediately as they become available. Additionally, there may be certain areas which can be safeguarded through either patch or simple monitoring that you may not realize were newly vulnerable. Consider SMB, or Server Message Block, ports.

In 2017, the WannaCry virus entered businesses through these ports in a way that didn’t require an employee to make a mistake on the web. Generally, this is what ushers in ransomware. But in 2017, the SMB vulnerability derived from a surveillance “spy hole” the NSA had commissioned to be built into certain computers. Ultimately, the worm affected businesses in 150+ countries. But businesses with patch solutions in place weren’t maligned. Proactive support can help you get new tech protections as soon as they’re available.

Helping Fill Security Gaps Otherwise Unnoticed

Lastly, there are holes in most business’ security. A penetration test can help reveal them, and proactive monitoring of your systems in terms of security can likewise help you identify weak areas.

Securing Your Business

IT support in Austin through Contigo Technology can help you secure your business from active intrusion through security monitoring solutions. Contact us now for continuously developing protections that will help you fill security gaps and catch issues more quickly than you would be able to on your own.