Avoid Costly IT Mistakes by Partnering with an IT Support Provider in Austin Can Help You

Many businesses choose to focus on short-term savings that can eventually lead to costly long-term expenses. However, partnering with an IT support provider in Austin can help your company avoid this situation. An IT provider will enable your business to gain access to the latest technology while also receiving IT support for any technical issues. The low monthly costs of an IT provider is a worthwhile investment that can protect your company from cyber attacks and prevent any significant downtime. Sadly, many companies often settle for short-term solutions that can result in substantial costs. Here are the three most common shortcuts that businesses follow in the IT world:

1. Refurbished Technology

The use of refurbished equipment is much cheaper than a brand new computer but isn’t nearly as reliable. Many times, refurbished equipment will experience various technical issues that can ultimately lead to costly expenses. However, partnering with an IT provider will allow your business access to brand new technology that is dependable and will let your employees work much more efficiently.

2. Break-Fix & Hourly IT Support

One of the benefits of partnering with an IT support provider in Austin is that your business will receive proactive technical assistance at any time of the day or night. However, many companies choose to use limited IT support that focuses on a break-fix model. While these IT providers may appear to be less expensive, they will lead to more downtime for your business, and the costs to fix an issue can be unpredictable. Instead, it is much more efficient to use a managed service provider (MSP) that specializes in around-the-clock monitoring services and is continually looking for ways to improve your company with the help of innovative technology.

3. Limited IT Security

Failure to focus on IT security for your business can lead to dire consequences and make it difficult for your company to recover from a cyber attack. However, with an IT provider, your business can experience the ultimate cyber security available. Your company will receive new security updates as soon as they become available while also gaining access to IT support at any time. Your employees can also obtain additional training to limit the chance of a cyber attack.

Investing in IT support in Austin is well worth the initial costs and can save your company significant money in the long term. At Contigo Technology, we help companies reach their full potential by offering comprehensive IT support services. Contact us at any time to schedule a free consultation.