Avoid Losing Your Money to Scammers by Getting the Best Managed IT Services in Austin

Using managed IT services in Austin is the best solution you can adopt when in trouble from your system.

You all will agree that everything has gone digital. From the kitchen to transport to shopping, and even the banking sector has not remained behind. Many online banking platforms render services; PayPal, Pioneer, and eBay are among the leading ones. The local and international banks, too, have websites and allow their customers to access their bank accounts and even do transactions online.

With all this advancement, it is straightforward to do shopping, fuel your vehicle, and flights right behind your computer or mobile device. However, do you know that when doing online transactions you might be exposing your accounts to phishing scams?

What is Email Phishing?

This is an advanced method people use to steal identity, scam or steal valuable information from unsuspecting individuals. The primary goal of the scammers is to trick you into giving them essential and confidential information. The data can be your financial details, but sometimes it can be your basic information like your name or location.

The Risks of Falling Victims to Scams

Occasionally, you will receive emails from scammers asking you to fill forms or click on the links in the emails. If you fall victims to these spoofed email and visit the spoofed websites, especially when busy, you may end up giving them your confidential bank details that will risk your financial information.

The scammers can use the information for opening other bank account and put your identity into havoc. They can shop using your credit card details.

How to identify Spoofed Emails

  • They come and prompt a lot of urgencies. No bank sends emails to its client in need of an urgent response.
  • Misspelled words and grammar issues. Many emails will have grammatical issues. Do not trust any email with such issues.
  • When the email is sent to an anonymous person and not addressed to you, since the banks have your username, they will address you by your name. Anything else is a scam and do not trust it.
  • Emails that come with attachments, especially form asking you to fill in confidential details. Ignore and delete such an email.
  • Emails with many popups. Your bank websites and emails are very slick and professional. They don’t have the confusions and popups. You can also look for the best managed IT services provider in Austin for more advice if you are suspicious.

Final thought

In case you are in doubt about the kind of email you received or you need managed IT services in Austin, remember to consider Contigo Technology. We are your partners in finding the best IT solutions. Contact us now, and you will get all the solutions you need. Talk to our customer care and reserve your appointment any time.