Avoid These Mobile Device Security Issues with IT Services in Austin

Mobile devices are widely used in the workplace, and it is essential to partner with an IT services company in Austin that can keep your company protected, while still allowing employees to use mobile devices. Mobile devices enable employees to work much more efficiently, but it does expose your business to additional security threats. Ultimately, this can result in the loss of data or the shutdown of your entire business. However, a cyber security company in Austin can help your business avoid this worst-case scenario.

Here are the top three security threats to mobile devices in the workplace:

Malicious Apps

One of the leading ways that hackers gain access to confidential information is through the use of malicious apps. These apps trick employees into downloading them, as they believe that they are legitimate apps. These malicious apps can cause significant amounts of damage and steal confidential data from an employee’s phone. However, the use of an IT provider can help you avoid this scenario by verifying the legitimacy of each app before it is downloaded and installed on an employee’s mobile device.

Outdated Equipment

Technology is always changing, which makes it essential to download the latest updates available. However, many users fail to regularly update their mobile devices, which causes a significant security risk. An IT services company in Austin can help ensure that each device has the latest updates, through the use of automatic updates. Instead of relying on employees to update their devices, these updates will be downloaded automatically as soon as they become available.

Unsecured Wi-Fi

The use of public Wi-Fi is a top target for cybercriminals, as it is much less secure and exposes your company to unnecessary security threats. A managed service provider can offer additional training courses for each employee and help educate them on the dangers of using a public Wi-Fi system. The use of a virtual private network is essential whenever you use public Wi-Fi, as most cybercriminals are looking for an easy target. It is also a good idea to turn off Wi-Fi whenever it is not in use, as an added precaution.

Contigo Technology is an IT services company in Austin that focuses on providing the ultimate cybersecurity protection. We understand the many risks in the cyber world, and it is our top priority to keep your business protected. Mobile devices are especially vulnerable to cyber threats, but the use of these tips can help your employees avoid becoming the next victim. Feel free to reach out to us and learn how an IT provider can protect your mobile devices at all times.