Benefits of Cyber Security Services in Austin

As businesses turn to cloud-based data storage solutions, the need for cyber security services in Austin has become a priority to thwarting cyber attacks. Critical cloud-based solutions, such as cloud backup, present a potential exploit for hackers to steal critical data files or compromise your virtual network infrastructure. Apart from cloud backup, you might be using the cloud to scale your IT operations and sustain the day-to-day operations of your business. Thus, your dependence on the cloud implies the security of your IT assets and the security of the cloud computing infrastructure you run on. While an in-house IT personnel can execute the administration of your virtual cloud-computing network, there are many specialized security applications in the cloud environment that need the expertise of a cloud security specialty firm.

Partnering with an IT services provider gives you the expertise to leverage the multiple security levels of the cloud infrastructure. Here are the top benefits of outsourcing your cloud security needs to a specialty IT services provider:


With the dependence of cloud-based data storage, you will need an around-the-clock solution to ensure the security of your virtual network infrastructure. While hiring a dedicated in-house security professional to protect your business from cyber security breaches. It comes with a hefty cost for most SMEs. Your business can enjoy immense cost savings by contracting a specialty cloud security solutions provider to meet your specific security needs. A cyber security services provider is not only affordable to hire, but also well-equipped to handle the ever-changing complexities of the cloud computing landscape.

Real-time Threat Detection

Today’s cybercriminals are more equipped and sophisticated than ever before. You need to partner with a cyber security services provider in Austin to prevent security breaches in real-time. Contracting an IT provider gives you the most up-to-date threat assessment and detection tools to manage and stop cyber security breaches with accuracy. Furthermore, you gain access to reliable automation tools to filter and pinpoint security threats effectively. With such real-time application of threat detection tools from a single dashboard, your security monitoring efforts will be quite easy. In addition, your business will have the capacity to maximize the cloud-based data solutions on which your workflows run on with minimum downtime hours.

Protection against Cloud Denial of Service Attacks

According to the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), cloud-based applications face over twelve cyber security threats. Among these threats, data breaches and DDoS are the most prominent. Data breaches could expose sensitive business information or customer data and give hackers control over your virtual networks. Thus, protecting your cloud assets from data breaches is paramount. However, denial of service attacks is very severe and it could paralyze business operations for hours or days. To protect your cloud-based applications against cloud DDoS attacks, you need an advanced cloud security solution that can absorb DDoS attacks and distribute them across global points of presence (PoPs). An IT services provider will give you such a solution and post-attack analysis.

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