Benefits of Online Storage and Backup with IT Services in Austin

With the advent of the cloud, it is becoming more and more useful for businesses that need IT services in Austin to use this method of storage for data instead of relying on physical backups. It is essential for small businesses to consider what their disaster recovery processes should be if anything were to happen to their systems or sensitive data, as it could spell disaster if these were lost. Hackers are becoming increasingly worrisome with the introduction of viruses and ransomware, and that doesn’t take into account the dangers from environmental disasters like fire, flood or earthquake, and even an accidental file deletion can cause untold damage to a company’s IT infrastructure. Continuously backing up data or software to the cloud can give you peace of mind that your business will still be capable of running successfully whatever happens.

Accessibility and Convenience

The beauty of having your data and systems online is clear once you realize that your staff can work from anywhere and still access all the parts of your IT infrastructure that they need as long as they have an internet connection. Not only will they be able to get hold of any part of the company’s systems that they want, but it will be easy to also share documents with customers. Updates can be recorded and backed up almost instantaneously so that recovery is possible in the event of a disaster affecting your company. And it is also practicable to build in extra safety margins by making multiple copies at little extra cost. This means that your staff and customers can have almost seamless access to your systems again with the latest updates included even if you have been locked out by ransomware.


Although IT services in Austin can boost the security and encryption of any of your IT infrastructure and data on the cloud, the cloud providers themselves also have thorough and effective security protocols built into the management of their systems. And with the added knowledge that environmental disasters and local problems will no longer affect accessibility to your data, online storage is a simple solution to change the way you protect your systems and of course your business.


Using the cloud negates the need for the expensive software and hardware required for traditional backup and storage, as well as the extra IT staff that will be needed for server and general hardware maintenance and scheduling. This means that even if you only use the cloud for backups, it will result in a much more streamlined process and will effectively be cheaper overall.

IT services in the Austin area can zero in exactly on what your needs may be for using online storage, as it can be tricky to know exactly what you can store and where. When you have decided on what you need to protect, you also must ensure that it is perfectly safe and secure at all times, and luckily, we at Contigo Technology are highly-experienced and can help with all of these issues. Contact us today to see how we can streamline and reduce the cost of your backup processes, as well as protect your data from unexpected catastrophes.