Benefits of Outsourcing Server Management to a Managed IT Services Provider in Austin

When servers are down, business goes down as well, so make sure server management is included in your outsourced managed IT services in Austin. Unexpected downtimes can cost your company a lot of money, and even more so if they take longer to fix than expected. It doesn’t take a lot even for the most loyal customers to switch to a competitor that’s more consistently reliable and available.

But aside from that, there are a few other good reasons to outsource server management, namely:

Extensive Monitoring

Third-party providers offer 24/7/365 monitoring not only to ensure servers are running well, but also to prevent problems before they happen. The approach is more proactive and less reactive. In case a problem does happen, teams are ready to fix it before it becomes worse no matter the time of day or night! As a result, downtime is significantly shortened and uptime is improved. Going for 100% uptime may be impossible, but 99.9% is not.

Tight Security

Full-time monitoring is in itself a security measure, so when you outsource server management, you’re tightening your company’s security as well. After all, cybersecurity attacks also cause downtime, so they’re part of the threats providers look out for. In addition to monitoring, server management involves the application of patches and updates that address vulnerabilities which could be exploited otherwise.

Stable Servers

There are many factors influencing server stability, such as connection speed, load balance, memory and CPU usage, disk I/O, etc. Having your own team to look out for all these will siphon resources away from your company’s core business needs. But when you outsource server management to a managed IT services provider in Austin, a dedicated team will handle server stability to free up resources for things that matter to your company the most.

Low Costs

Providers often offer their services on a subscription basis. After the contract period, you can choose not to renew and walk away with no strings attached. You won’t have to deal with hiring and training people, buying and maintaining equipment, and all other tasks related to in-house services. It’s an ideal situation for smaller businesses, but even big companies which still aren’t sure what they want can benefit from this kind of setup.

To achieve the best success with server management, consider outsourcing to a managed IT services provider in Austin. Look for one that puts your needs first. At Contigo Technology, our server management entails dedicated attention to the efficacy and vitality of your servers at any given time. Security is also a top priority because it’s what our clients are most concerned about. Contact us now for more information.