Benefits of Working with a Managed IT Services Provider in Austin

A business of any size can benefit from managed IT services providers in Austin, particularly a firm that plans its cloud services carefully. While managed services providers (MSPs) take on a variety of roles, you can get the most out of them by focusing on your company’s most crucial needs. Letting an MSP work on cybersecurity and data protection allows you to focus on your core business goals.

Advantages of an MSP Over an In-house IT Team

The main reason to outsource to a managed IT services provider in Austin is to bring you peace of mind that your company will avoid downtime. A quality MSP implements strategies that reduce infrastructure vulnerabilities by making cybersecurity as strong as possible. By running an infrastructure audit, the MSP takes a proactive role and keeps maintenance surprises to a minimum. A reputable MSP also provides a 24/7 help desk to fix technical problems as they present themselves.

While an outsourced team usually consists of a diversified and well-trained talent pool, an in-house IT team may not have as much expertise. Many times large companies hire certified IT technicians who aren’t motivated to keep on learning about new technology. An MSP that serves multiple businesses wants to maintain long-term clients by keeping up with new developments a priority.

Ensuring Data Protection

One of the problems with relying on an in-house staff when it comes to data protection is that it’s a pretty boring routine job. In-house staff might figure out short cuts to get out of boring but essential work, whereas an outsourced team will more likely follow best industry practices and prioritize regular backups. Without fresh backups, your company can be in trouble if it’s ever hit with a cyber attack or natural disaster.

Working with a team of IT experts will help keep your business online at all times, as there will be a backup and disaster recovery plan in place. It’s advantageous to work with reliable cloud services that provide free to low-cost storage. All critical data should be backed up on at least three servers, whereas less critical data can be stored in the cloud. Knowing that your data exists in multiple places at all times will save you from worrying about collapsing overnight. An MSP is particularly helpful for hospitals and other businesses that must meet government compliance on privacy issues.

Choosing the right managed IT services provider in Austin can accelerate your company as they can oversee your technology while you focus on your business. Contact us at Contigo Technology to learn more about how cloud services and IT experts can lift your business to the next level.