How You Can Upgrade Your IT Security with IT Support in Austin

As an SMB, the kind of IT support in Austin that you choose to utilize is a very important business decision. There are many reasons why this is, including the need for effective software and systems to increase business productivity. Additionally, cyber security in Austin is a major concern that requires a sure strategy and budget allocation to make it work. The question you must ask yourselves is whether you are doing enough to safeguard your business or not.

Data Breaches are Common and Costly

Your business is continually at risk of being attacked by hackers and experiencing a data breach. Many SMBs do not put as many resources as it warrants as they believe that only large multi-national companies are targeted. The truth of the matter is that as long as you are handling sensitive information regarding your business, financial data, customer, and employee data, you are a likely target for a hacker.

When your business data is breached it has an impact on your reputation and can even lose you your current customers and potential business opportunities. It can also cost you money upfront to notify affected parties and for the legal charges that may be involved. Such a compromise must be avoided at all costs, as many a small business has even had to shut down permanently because of a serious data breach.

Why You Should Consider Outsourcing

As an SMB, it can be beyond your current budget to hire a team of IT professionals to provide you with the IT services you need. There are many benefits of managed IT support in Austin. It is an affordable option. You can get 24/7 monitoring and support. To reduce your chances of a breach, they can help you upgrade your cyber security in Austin. This can be achieved in a number of ways including improved and automated data backup, proactive monitoring, automatically updated firewalls and antivirus programs, to name a few. Other factors that you as a business must also consider include employee education and training so that they too adopt and acknowledge your other security efforts.

Does your business currently need assistance with IT security? Contigo Technology offers the latest in IT support in Austin to businesses that need additional help. We can provide your business with services such as security management, server and network management, disaster recovery, security training, and end-user support. Reach out to us to discuss how we can improve your current IT security.