Contigo Technology CMMC Webinar Series

Contigo is proud to announce that in the pursuit of becoming a Registered Provider Organization (RPO) we will be hosting a webinar

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How Contigo Secured Massive Growth During The Covid-Crisis

By: MSP Success Magazine Link to article HERE Company: Contigo Technology Year Founded: 2013 Headquartered: Austin, Texas Geogr

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Barracuda Logo
Security Best Practice

Email encryption is an option for all of our clients that use our Barracuda email spam filter. Anytime you share sensitive data wi

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Contigo Technology HIPAA Compliancy Initiative

If you are with a healthcare organization, then you’re aware that HIPAA requires an annual Risk Assessment.  The risk assessmen

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IT services Austin
How to Choose the Right IT Security Solutions Company

Choosing who to trust with the entire scope of your organization’s IT is a big decision. Businesses today live and die by the qu

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IT Security Assessment Report
The IT Security Assessment Report: Purpose, Types, & What Should be Included

Historically, IT security has always been a critical part of a complete IT business strategy. With that said, IT security has beco

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IT Disaster Recovery Services - Contigo Technology
IT Disaster Recovery Services: How to Update Your Plan

So, you have just finalized your back up and disaster recovery plan, ensured every step was tested and validated, and created SOPs

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HIPAA Security Assessment Information for IT Providers

Before a managed IT service provider can offer their services to clients in the healthcare industry, they need to fully understand

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A Guide to Network Management Solutions

Understanding network management is more than knowing what it is. To have a firm grip on the management of your business’ networ

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