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When people talk about the “cloud,” they are talking about the software and databases that run on internet-based servers. Companies that rely on the cloud often need a cloud management service provider to access their cloud-based resources and apps. Contigo provides cloud IT services in Austin and throughout the US. Learn more about our services and the benefits of partnering with us.

What Are Cloud IT Services?

Cloud IT services include software, infrastructure and platforms that are available over the internet. The services are hosted by third-party providers and offer considerably more flexibility than locally hosted services. When your company switches to cloud-based services, your team members can access the software and documents they need using any internet-connected device.

Providers can deliver cloud IT services using one of three models. The first model is the public cloud. In the public cloud, services are offered by a third-party provider and made available to many customers. Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure are two examples of public cloud services.

The second model is the private cloud. Private cloud services are only available to a single organization and can't be accessed by outside users. The private cloud is often ideal for companies that work in highly regulated industries or with confidential data, such as finance or health care.

The third model is a hybrid cloud, which combines the features of a private cloud with those of a public cloud. Companies may choose a hybrid cloud model when they have some data that needs to be kept confidential and some that must be made more widely available.

Types of Managed Cloud IT Services

Managed IT cloud services can take three forms:

What Are the Benefits of Cloud-Managed IT Services?

Cloud IT services have a lot to offer companies in all industries. With a cloud-based service, your organization can enjoy:

  • More flexibility: Cloud IT services are available on demand, meaning you can subscribe to them when you need them and cancel the subscription when you don't. Since your company doesn't have to invest in hardware for cloud services, you have more freedom.
  • Reduced costs: Cloud services tend to be less expensive than on-premises options, which typically require you to pay in full upfront for a software license or piece of hardware.
  • Faster growth: Often, cloud services are priced on a per-user basis, which makes it easier for your company to scale up and add more as you grow.

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