Combining Cloud Migration with IT Support in Austin

Working with a seasoned IT support team in Austin makes cloud migration much easier. Plenty of elaborate planning is involved with moving to the cloud and when a business tries to do it themselves, it can lead to unwanted surprises. Here are reasons why the cloud and IT services work well together:

Making Complex Processes Simple

The cloud attracts many entrepreneurs because it can simplify a business with a centralized control center. It puts all your business components in one place where they can be easily managed. Cloud providers collect plenty of data on clients, which potentially makes a business more powerful in its marketing. By providing a wealth of data in easy-to-read reports, managers can make better and faster decisions on streamlining their operations.

When migrating to the cloud, compatibility issues may arise over software licensing. Your IT team can help plan a smooth transition by researching various software options. They can further test apps designed for the cloud and how new environments will affect performance.

Significant Cost Savings

A top reason why so many small businesses are flocking to the cloud is that it can save a company thousands of dollars in both hardware and software costs. By moving to the cloud, you will not have to rely on your own hardware as much anymore. Certain firms can operate completely in the cloud.

Since third parties will be managing your resources, you will not need to spend as much money on maintenance. But you will still need an IT support team in Austin that you can turn to for fixing technical issues. You have better chances of avoiding downtime by working with local specialists who can visit your site if necessary.

By working with IT experts who develop a relationship with your company, you will be more of a partner than a statistic. They will be more cognizant of limiting downtime and more aware of your infrastructure than a break-fix firm. Ultimately, you will save money paying monthly fees for cloud services and IT services, rather than larger upfront fees using traditional methods.

Finding Efficient Solutions in the Cloud

The cloud has helped many startups quickly gain access to the industry software they need to be considered a legitimate competitor. Companies can now test out various software for free before deciding what’s best for their operations. Automation software can particularly speed up tasks, cut costs and increase productivity.


Any business can benefit from IT support in Austin, especially if it needs help with cloud migration. Contact us here at Contigo Technology to learn more about how he can take your business to the cloud for a more efficient experience.