Whether you are moving IT resources to the cloud, performing infrastructure upgrades, or a relocating your office, we have the expertise to assist.

Contigo has a wide variety of expertise to help transition you into the desired state. With such a variety of IT applications being used by our clientelle, we have the knowledge and experience to handle any task.

But what we do extremely well, is manage the project from beginning to end.

Project Management and Communication

Where most projects fail is at the communication level. There has to be a well written scope of work for the client to approve. There needs to be professional communication between our project team and your business.

Contigo has experienced Project Managers that help sheperd the project steps, order the materials, and schedule dates. And most importantly, they’re focused on hitting timelines and staying in budget.

Experienced Technicians

Depending on the project, we’ll assign the technician who has the required experience to complete a successful project. And in many cases, projects will require more than one expertise. Contigo has enough resources to draw on to accomplish any component of a project.

Fixed Fee Projects

We want to put skin in the game. We’re going to scope out projects correctly from the start, and stand behind our proposals. This makes it easier for you to budget out projects and eliminates surprises.

We would love to help you complete your IT project!

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