February 12, 2021

Contigo Technology January Newsletter

Healthcare Newsletter
January 14, 2021

Aligning with HIPAA 164.308

HIPAA Administrative Safeguard 164.308 1(i), requires our clients to implement procedures to prevent, detect, contain, and correct security violations. One component of adhering to this category is to keep computer operating systems up to date, therefore Contigo pushes PC patches weekly and servers are rebooted once per month. 

Compliance Initiative 

Contigo has an in-house compliance team that can assist your Governance, Risk, and Assessment needs. This month we’re highlighting our HIPAA Risk Assessment Service.  (LEARN MORE)


Employee Spotlight

Andrew Williams

Andrew Williams is Contigo’s Director of Service Delivery and oversees all of Contigo’s technical team members and the products we deploy across client sites. Andrew has been invited by Kaseya Inc, the leading provider of software solutions for IT support companies, to be a member of their Customer Advisory Council. Contigo utilizes a variety of products within the Kaseya portfolio to help secure our client’s IT resources.   Andrew will be able to provide recommendations to this vendor, which can help IT support firms like Contigo provide a better IT support experience for their clients.         (LEARN MORE)

Contigo Referral Program

Contigo knows the value of a good recommendation and would love one from you. For each company, you refer that signs up to be an IT Support customer, we will give you an Apple iPad as a thank you. (LEARN MORE)