Contigo Winter Storm Update

Contigo would like to wish each of you well during this winter storm. We are thankful for your patience as we work through the power and internet issues.

We’re obviously waiting for the power grid to come back to life before we can deep dive into any office-related network outages.   If we are seeing internet issues, we’re reaching out to the ATT’s, Grande’s, Spectrums, etc…and nudging them to address the situation.

We’ll be the first to know when the power comes back up.  Our monitoring tools provide us the opportunity to see when an office network goes on or offline.   It’s difficult for us to know if it’s the internet or power that is the culprit. 99% of the time its power that’s the issue.

Our Client Success Managers have been updating each of our clients on outage changes on a continual basis.

Assuming tomorrow is going to go in a positive direction, power will start to be restored.   Most servers should come back on-line as expected.   We are confident in this, b/c we reboot all servers once a month, so we know what to expect.   However, we know there could be hiccups and we’ll take them on a case-by-case basis.

The Contigo team is working remotely this week.   Many of our staff have experienced the same challenges as everyone else, but we have enough staff on-line to deal with IT issues.

Our main goal in these next few days is to return your networks to normal operations.