The Cost of Cybercrime and the Importance of IT Support in Austin

The cost of cybercrime is staggering for any business and it is essential to use IT support in Austin for the ultimate safety and protection. Many experts believe that cybercrime will cost over $6 trillion per year through 2021, as businesses of all sizes are a prime target for these cybercriminals. However, you can minimize the chance of facing this devastating scenario by partnering with a managed service provider that specializes in cybersecurity.

Here are three ways that cybercrime can cost your business and why it is a good idea to use an IT provider for all your security needs in the workplace:

Damage Reputation

One of the top consequences of cybercrime is that it can significantly damage the reputation of your company. Ultimately, this can take your company decades to recover, while also making it more challenging to attract any new clients to your business. The best way to avoid this situation is by using an IT company that specializes in cyber security for Austin businesses to ensure that you receive the best cybersecurity protection available.

Loss of Data

The loss of data can devastate any company and lead to many fines or even litigation. These data breaches significantly damage the trust of clients and can make it highly difficult for any company to bounce back and recover from data loss. However, choosing to use IT support in Austin can help your company avoid this troubling situation by gaining access to data backup and recovery services. Instead of losing data permanently, these services will allow you to access this information from an offsite cloud server with the help of cloud computing.

Minimize Investment

Trying to attract new investors for your company is much more difficult if you are a victim of a cybercrime. A data breach will force many shareholders to consider selling their stock and can make it almost impossible for them to feel comfortable investing additional money into your company. However, partnering with a managed service provider can significantly limit the chance of any data breaches with the help of around the clock monitoring services and gaining access to the latest security updates.

Cybersecurity will always be the main topic of concern for any business but using IT support in Austin can help you avoid these malicious cyberattacks. Contigo Technology is an IT provider that has extensive experience in helping companies prevent cybercrime, as we offer around the clock support, employee awareness training, critical patching, and many more IT services. You can reach out to us anytime for more information.