How Your CPA Firm Can Benefit from Managed Services and IT Support in Austin

IT support providers in Austin can keep your CPA firm in a competitive edge. They do this by detecting and addressing technical IT issues before they take a negative toll on your business.

CPA firms are technology-driven businesses, and in today’s business world, managed services are on the rise. According to research, 37% of small enterprises occasionally outsource their IT tasks and operations to a solution provider in a year.

Here are various managed services your CPA firm can benefit from:

Security Management

A cyber-attack is the biggest threat to small businesses, and CPA firms are a prime target for cybercriminals. Think about all the business, personal, and financial data CPA firms hold for their clients. Loss of such data can kill your business.

IT support experts in Austin will improve your endpoint security by protecting your CPA firm against risks associated with data loss and breaches. They can achieve this by:

  • Implementing tools and software that detect threats outside and within your network
  • Preventing unauthorized systems from accessing your business
  • 24/7 constant monitoring and updating applications to their latest versions

Network Administration and Infrastructure Management

CPA firms need a 100% network uptime. Having your network down for days or weeks will distract you from providing high-quality accounting services to your clients.

Setting up network systems, arranging for their connectivity, and maintaining your IT infrastructure is costly both in finances and time.

Managed service providers (MSPs) can proactively manage your wireless networks, connectivity, servers, storage solutions, and diagnose downtime.

Compliance and Security

Compliance requirements for CPA firms keep on updating often, and you should comply with the security measures set in place to run your firm. MSPs stay updated and will provide technical solutions that will help your firm comply with the IT-related set standards.

Reliable Response Services

Certified IT experts can assist you in diagnosing and proactively correcting any IT hurdle. MSPs detect IT problems and prevent them from becoming worse, which can lead to serious, expensive problems. They respond quickly and effectively to minimize glitches and downtime.

Data Backup and Cloud Accounting

Active data back up and data recovery plans are vital for any CPA firm. MSPs will back up your data and help you move to cloud accounting. This makes it easier for clients and accountants to update transactions in real-time.


Your CPA firm has a lot to reap from managed services offered by IT support companies in Austin like us at Contigo Technology. We provide a variety of reliable IT services so that you can operate your accounting services with no hindrances and without worrying about cyber-attacks. To learn more about our services, contact us.