Cyber Security in Austin: Fortify Your Business Against Page Cache Vulnerabilities

Cyber security solutions in Austin can be essential in helping safeguard your business against continuously changing cybercriminal threats. Hackers are always finding new ways to steal information, install malware, or otherwise hassle their targets in ways which ultimately have a financial impact.

It’s important to establish firewalls and antivirus protocols, as well as best practices among staff. But you have to keep educating your staff as new threats develop, and continuously update your security.

In 2017, the WannaCry attack launched from North Korea and into business networks in 150+ countries. The issue was known months before, and those businesses who installed patches weren’t undermined. Those businesses who didn’t, were.

Page Cache Appropriation

Consider the latest known threat, page cache appropriation. As yet the vulnerability hasn’t been seen beyond theory, but it very likely will be in the near future. Here’s what basically happens. On the cache page of your OS, there’s much sensitive data. Hackers sneak in and get it. Regardless of hardware architecture, this vulnerability persists.

How the Hack Works and How It Can Be Prevented

Thankfully, a solution is in the works, and cyber security experts in Austin can help you employ it. Essentially, Microsoft noticed page caches were potentially vulnerable and designed a mitigation routine. Timing differences which occur between disk access and memory can be monitored remotely, in a means which acts as a proxy for local data required. Soft page fault measurement made this possible.

If you’re not familiar, such faults occur when mapping of pages takes place erroneously. Accordingly, Windows Insider Build 18305 features the mitigation routine, and will soon be available. There’s a mild danger here; the takeaway is— manage that cache.

Up-To-Date Security

At Contigo Technology, we can keep your business up-to-date on cyber security and inform you about new vulnerabilities as they develop. If you have yet to acquire cyber security services in Austin, this could be a wise upgrade to help safeguard you against similar threats. Contact us now for more information.