Cyber Security in Austin: Just How Secure Is Your Business’ Cloud?

The introduction of cloud technology has facilitated the migration of business servers, application, and data to the cloud in a bid to provide easy access to business resources. As a result, businesses from various industries and of varying sizes are rapidly adopting the new technology without considering security. With this in mind, consulting a professional cyber security expert in Austin is essential. Experts in cyber security in Austin need to ensure the safeguarding of your assets on the cloud without affecting the speed of accessibility for your business. Below are ideas on how to secure your cloud to protect your downside while reaping the full benefits of the technology.

Securing Your Data by Mitigating Your Risk

When implementing your IT security infrastructure, it is essential to remember that cybercriminals/hackers continually come up with new and crafty ways to compromise your data. Thus, prudence is advisable, and you should consider the following:

  • Ensure physical access to data is limited to authorized personnel only
  • Implementing a security solution that encompasses all aspects of your cloud’s vulnerabilities
  • Should your cloud be private or public?

In summary, to guarantee the security of your cloud, it is essential for you to grasp the delicate balance between the benefits and the risks involved. Thus, you have to make a note of the following aspects of implementing security solutions for your cloud.

  • The most vulnerable areas of your security infrastructure
  • The most likely manner in which hackers/criminals can attack your assets
  • Where are the attackers most likely to focus their assault?
  • How limited are your resources?

With an adequate understanding of these factors, it is easier to implement your resources more efficiently to achieve optimum security.

Security Solution for Your Network

Most importantly, your business needs a have a hands-on IT partner to offer and handle the end to end, inbuilt security. As you migrate your business tools, applications, and systems to the cloud, they continue to grow, and likewise, they need to get efficiently secured.  Hence, your partner ought to be well-versed and up-to-date with the latest and most effective security measures available to you. For instance, they should ensure that at least three separate copies of your cloud data are available as part of your data backup strategy. Two of these duplicates should be kept in different storage formats while the third copy gets held as an off-site backup.

Cloud data storage is the key to smooth remote access to your business files and resources from anywhere in the world. However, to enjoy the benefits cloud technology has to offer and protect your business, it is essential to secure your cloud against potential threats. Thus, if you are unsure of the security of your cloud applications, get in touch with Contigo Technology and let our team of dedicated experts in cyber security in Austin put your mind at ease.