Cyber Security Essentials Your Business Needs from an IT Support Provider in Austin

One of the biggest threats to your safety today isn’t something you find out on the streets – it’s in your computer. Cyber crime is going up, and hackers target businesses in an attempt to access secure financial data and personal information. In order for your business to stay safe, you need to be taking proper measures with IT support in Austin to prevent cyber security breaches.

There are many different types of attacks that cybercriminals use to get their hands on secure data that they can use not only to take down companies, but also for their own profit. Possibly the most common strategy is to send phishing emails. These emails look legitimate, and when your employees open them, they are taking to a site where they are asked to put in secure information, like passwords and even financial information. Some of these emails even contain malware or other technology that the criminals use to break into your company’s infrastructure. More sophisticated hackers can bypass the email strategy altogether and attack by looking for weak spots in your firewall. Cyber security experts in Austin can help you put mechanisms in place to prevent this.

This problem has become increasingly serious over the past several years. In fact, you’ve probably seen it in the news – many large corporations and financial entities have been victims of breaches in the past several years where financial information was compromised. The most notable instance might have been during the 2016 election in the United States, when the Democratic Party was the victim of a complex cyber attack. However, just because the most noteworthy victims of these attacks have been larger businesses doesn’t mean your company is immune. The New York Times recently reported that roughly two-thirds of all cyber attacks hit small to mid-sized businesses. Studies have also shown that there were as many as 9 million ransomware attacks between May 2017 and May 2018, with that number only continuing to grow.

Although this problem can feel overwhelming, there are things you can do to stay secure and prevent your business from being the victim of a cyber attack. An IT support provider in Austin can help you educate your employees about how to avoid phishing emails and other scams. Securing your firewalls and wifi, as well as keeping your software up to date, and your data backed up can also make a big difference when it comes to your overall security.

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