Most businesses want to know they’re IT resources are secure. And as much as the Contigo team believes in our security knowledge, we know there are accepted industry standards that lay out a secure footprint. We use these industry standards as our guiding light for securing our clients resources.

Here are three key principles we use to secure our clients.

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

NIST is a written set of security principles widely adopted by businesses of all sizes. A business can inch their way into a secure NIST posture, and our NIST trained technicians can help your business attain a secure security posture.


Contigo deploys several best of breed security products to help protect your employees, company data, and head of the common threats that we’ve all seen in today’s news.


Maintaining a mature security posture requires processes. We’ll recommend pass word policies, 2 Factor Authentication, limit access to company resources, encrypt data at rest, etc. We’ll walk through a set of best practice policies that every business should have in place.

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