August 24, 2016

Do You Have Disaster Recovery Plan?

If your business had a major catastrophe (fire, theft, or flood), how long would it take to get your IT resources back up and functioning properly.   First it’s important we understand the difference between having “backups” versus a Disaster Recovery plan.

Any mature company has a backup process in place to protect it’s most sensitive company data.   Let’s focus in on a company server where  a standard backup process involves it’s data being backed up to a local external device, then replicates important data off-site for emergency purposes.   In this scenario, the data is safe, but there’s still a process to restore it back to a working condition where employees can access it.  The amount of time needed to restore the environment needs time to implement hardware, applications, network connections, and the backup data’s integrity must be valid.

A Disaster Recovery site is a solution that addresses variables around restoring the IT environment.   A company with a good Disaster Recover plan knows exactly how long it will take to restore critical IT resources needed to run the business.  The variables of hardware, network access, user connections, and application restores are all thoroughly vetted and the time to restore meet the expectations of the business.

Contigo Technology offers IT Services that include the build outs of Disaster Recover solutions.