Embracing the Cloud and IT Support for Your Austin Business

If you don’t use the cloud or have IT support for your Austin yet, it’s time to at least think about it. Many of today’s small to medium companies will be left behind or buried in debt if they don’t prepare for cost-cutting measures related to big data. The cloud has been widely adopted by businesses due to its many benefits, including cost efficiency. Here are important facts to keep in mind about the cloud:

Understanding How the Cloud and IT Support Work Together

The cloud is essentially a private or third-party network for computing, transmitting and storing data. An IT team is useful for building a private cloud that only your company can access. Keeping technicians available for 24/7 support has become essential for global and ’round-the-clock businesses. Many do so by outsourcing to IT support providers in Austin to ensure minimal downtime.

How the Cloud Saves Money

The most common way the cloud cuts expenses for businesses is by reducing the amount of local hardware. No longer do companies need to pay for desktop computers for every employee, especially if they allow workers to bring mobile devices from home. It’s now more economical to use other people’s hardware housed in data centers, accessed by on-site devices.

The cloud also saves money on software. Providers offer cloud services, which involve cloud-based software. Upfront costs are reduced since cloud services typically require monthly subscriptions that can be scaled up or down whenever the client wants. This model works well for global or national companies with multiple branches in various locations.

Cloud applications, such as Google Docs are ultimately more efficient than investing in traditional offline software such as Microsoft Office, which has similar functions. With cloud-based software, it’s no longer necessary to use USB flash drives to transfer data from one computer to another. The cloud simplifies data sharing over seamless and integrated platforms.

Safe Data Storage

Another way the cloud saves money is that it gives you access to free or low-cost storage on the provider’s servers. Yet another advantage to the cloud is that it eliminates the need to store data on your own local devices. If a smartphone is lost or stolen, for example, all of the data on it is potentially gone forever unless it’s stored somewhere else. Storing data in the cloud, even if it’s just on backup servers, is a reliable way to maintain it.


Choosing the right IT support in Austin and moving to the cloud are winning solutions for businesses looking to improve profit margins. Contact us now at Contigo Technology to learn more about how you can streamline your business through the cloud.