Facilitate Effective Patch Management with IT Support in Austin

IT support firms in Austin can provide you with automated patching solutions which reduce the hassle involved in this necessary process. Patching basically refers to updates that more often than not pertain to security. It’s fundamental to have these updates, as without them you’re a lot more likely to get hacked. This happened on a global scale in 2017 when the WannaCry ransomware attack— now believed to have been launched by North Korea— made laps around the world. Basically, SMB (Server message block) ports among businesses represented a back-door vulnerability. The NSA put in this backdoor for reasons of surveillance, North Korea found out, designed a worm, and managed to make a pretty penny in terms of bitcoin.

Businesses that had automatic patching, as well as managed security solutions that may or may not have been automated, were able to avoid being undermined by this virus. The information went public in March, North Korea had the worm out by May. There was a two-month window, but depending on the size of your organization, even with managed patching that could be cutting it close. Sometimes, there are certain systems which you’re unable to immediately disable for purposes of patching.

Barricading Yourself Against Vulnerability

IT support firms in Austin can help you take stock of your existing systems to determine where vulnerabilities are, where upgrades are necessary, the best way in which to apply those upgrades, and how to design future protocols which will effectively manage your tech in terms of such security going forward.

Today’s atmosphere of operations requires some creative tech savvy, too. Mobile solutions are outsourcing the office, saving businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars while increasing employee productivity (at least in terms of BYOD), and subsequently, profitability. That increased profitability definitely requires proper management, however. Cloud computing using a floated “desktop” interface for the network doesn’t require a centralized location for your business. This means you have a larger operational “surface area”. The thing is, with a larger “surface area”, you’ve got a greater likelihood of being hacked— and in new ways previously unknown.

Monitoring and support require a continuous, conscious approach. Anomalies must be noticed, dealt with, and either curtailed or left alone depending on what they represent.

Safeguarding Your Business Over the Long-Term

Necessary safeguards for modern operations include:

  • Automatic patching
  • Monitoring and support
  • Mobile device management considerations
  • Cutting-edge, continuously developing security solutions

IT support in Austin through Contigo Technology can help you keep ahead of this necessary security maintenance. Contact us to determine what kind of solutions are the best for your business and how to most effectively apply them.