May 2, 2016

Hardware and Software Upgrades are no longer Your Concern

I recently met with the president of one of Contigo’s larger financial clients.   Contigo manages all of their IT needs and acts as a trusted technology advisor.   Our discussion focused on 3 of their servers that were needing to be replaced, but the question was, replaced with what?

Finance companies don’t like major infrastructure changes because they often are under the scrutiny of auditors.  However, the price tag associated with replacing 3 servers, and taking into consideration their growth, we were looking at an $80k price tag, so what better time to discuss strategic options.

I asked their President if as a finance company, she felt like managing computer hardware or software was a part of their core mission?  I asked her to think about all the proactive management she pays Contigo to perform to assure the data on those servers were protected from fire, theft, or flood.

My point to her was this, the days of being concerned about ailing hardware or out of date software should no longer be her firms burden.   There are now options available to her where leasing servers up in Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure allows her firms applications and data to run on the most up to date hardware and software.

Contigo Technology has been busy moving multiple clients into Microsoft’s cloud solutions from Office 365 to Azure.   If you have questions about how your company can leverage the cloud, please give us a call today.



Bryan Fuller


Contigo Technology