How Hashing and IT Support in Austin Can Strengthen Security

Hashing is a security technique used by IT support firms in Austin to store passwords safely in a database. A hash is the output from a string of data of any size that is converted to a predetermined length using a one-way calculation. It adds characters to the password, making it hard for hackers to read.

Here are reasons your company can benefit from hashing:

Why IT Support Uses Hashing

There are multiple reasons why IT support firms in Austin uses hashing as a security layer to protect passwords. Hashing allows for digital signatures and hash message authentication codes (HMACs), which can verify authenticity and data integrity. Passwords cannot be stored in plaintext because if they were, they would be easy to exploit after a database hack.

The hashing process creates hash values that are stored in place of passwords. If all a hacker finds are hashes instead of passwords, they will have a much harder time penetrating the account. Your organization can verify a hash that matches their hash stored in the database and grant access when a user logs in.

A hash can be understood as a security layer around the security layer of a password. Salting the hash adds another security layer. The key to any secure system is using complex multiple security layers to discourage the attacker. The combination of encryption, hashing, and salting creates a very secure environment.

When a Database Gets Hacked

If a hacker gains access to an entire database full of password hashes, they can search the system for matches to their hash tables. It’s possible for an attacker to compromise thousands of accounts, but the odds decrease the more salting has been applied to passwords. It takes large complex hash tables for hackers to find matches if security is strong.

Your cyber security team in Austin will use other encryption methods to ensure accounts are as secure as possible. Encryption involves using a code in its original form, whereas hashing does not. While hashing is a one-way calculation, encryption uses algorithms that allow for reversible calculation.


Hashing is a security layer than can be applied by IT support firms in Austin. Not only can it help store passwords in a secure manner, but hashing can also be used to verify identity. Contact us at Contigo Technology to learn more about how we can strengthen your security so that you can concentrate on your business goals.