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Contigo Technology's mission is to provide comprehensive IT support in Austin, Texas, and the US that aligns with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements. We're unique in that we have compliancy experts as part of our IT support team. This ability to manage IT and be HIPAA-aware makes us a trusted partner for any health care business.

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The Importance of HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA standards are in place to give patients more control over their privacy and prevent patient data from being compromised. Most health care organizations must legally comply with HIPAA, meaning it's important to partner with a HIPAA-compliant IT company.

Beyond your legal obligations, maintaining HIPAA compliance helps instill confidence and peace of mind in your customers. Promising that level of confidentiality proves that your organization cares about patients' privacy and is willing to put the necessary time and resources into protecting their data. HIPAA compliance is mostly beneficial for patients, so you should ensure your systems are compliant to better serve and protect them.

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HIPAA Alignment Training

Contigo employees receive monthly HIPAA IT compliance training in our Austin office to better serve our health care clients. As a business associate, Contigo is always sharpening our technical staff's knowledge on appropriately safeguarding the Protected Health Information (PHI) received or created on behalf of the covered entity.

Contigo Weaves IT Support Services With HIPAA Processes

Your computing systems and IT needs are closely tied to HIPAA compliance, meaning your IT support should come from a HIPAA-compliant company. At Contigo, our technical processes and solutions are designed to meet HIPAA requirements, secure IT resources, and keep employees working efficiently. Here are a few areas where our IT support service aligns with annual Risk Assessments.

  • All New Clients Receive a HIPAA Risk Assessment
  • Review of Policies
  • Review of Standard Operational Procedures
  • Acknowledgments of Policies and Procedures
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Connect With a HIPAA Compliance Expert at Contigo Technology

We offer several HIPAA compliance services at Contigo, including risk assessment audits, professional HIPAA advisory services and HIPAA rule alignment. Combining our IT services with compliance processes allows us to offer more comprehensive support for health care businesses like yours. Regardless of where your business is in the HIPAA compliance process, our highly trained team can help you prepare for audits and stay ahead of any changes in regulation.

Partner with Contigo to stay compliant and protect your data. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

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HIPAA risk assesment webinar with JD Thompson

HIPAA Webinar 2021

On May 27th, Contigo's Compliance Manager JD Thompson hosted a HIPAA Risk Assessment Webinar. Watch the webinar below.

HIPAA risk assesment webinar with JD Thompson

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