Should You Hire a Managed IT Services Provider in Austin or Go for a Break-Fix Technician?

Businesses of varying sizes rely on IT systems to achieve their strategic goals. As a business owner or manager, it is important for you to have IT systems that run effectively with little to no downtime. Since IT is not your core function, you likely need to rely on external IT service providers to help with installation, upgrading, maintenance, and repair of your IT systems. There are many types of IT service provider in the market. Before hiring a break-fix technician or a managed IT services provider in Austin, you need to start by understanding the difference between these two options.

Break-Fix Technicians

As the name suggests, “break-fix” technicians are the go-to experts when it comes to IT failures or one-off problems that need a quick fix. Although these technicians are good at their jobs, some disadvantages may come with hiring these techs to handle your IT problems. First, they may not offer a comprehensive IT maintenance and repair package— instead, they just do what they are called out to do. Second, they charge by the hour, so costs are unpredictable. Third, they’re unfamiliar with your IT system, so it will take longer to locate and fix problems, which can contribute to extended downtime.

Managed IT Service Providers

On the flip side, let’s discuss managed service providers (MSPs). Hiring a managed IT services provider in Austin can help you avoid the disadvantages of hiring a break-fix IT technician. Benefits of choosing an MSP include:

  • Predictable costs – Managed service providers typically offer packages billed at a fixed monthly rate. This means you can set an IT budget and stick to it. As costs are constant, you can plan for expenditures with ease.
  • Comprehensive package – Unlike break-fix technicians, MSPs offer comprehensive packages that include monitoring, maintenance, and repair. They periodically check their clients’ IT systems to make sure everything is running as it should, and by doing so, are able to detect and correct IT problems before they cause serious damage or downtime.
  • Familiarity with your IT systems – MSPs connect to their clients’ IT systems through a centralized console. Being familiar with the system means if your IT system develops problems, they are able to locate the problem and fix it in a fraction of the time it would take a break-fix technician. Often, issues are detected, and a fix is deployed before the client even realizes there is a threat to their system.

So, Who Should You Go For?

An MSP offers considerable ongoing benefits versus a break-fix guy. If you are looking for a great managed IT services provider in Austin to handle your IT needs, then you need to consider us at Contigo Technology. We take care of our clients’ IT systems so that they can focus on the other needs of their expanding business. Contact us today and let us show you how we can be of help to your business.