How IT Support in Austin Helps Outpace Surprisingly Impactful Statistics in Disaster Recovery

IT support in Austin is always going to be something businesses of varying levels need owing to this reality: black hat or cybercriminal technology actually rivals white hat or legal IT solutions in terms of overall economic impact. Legal IT has about $5 trillion dollars’ worth of annual impact; in the near future, they expect cybercrime to be at $6 trillion. Essentially, there’s a real “yin-yang” situation to consider here.

Because the nature of IT is to generate ubiquitous statistics, a numerical picture develops of associated vulnerabilities. You can clearly see where there are SMB dangers to protect against. Following, we’ll briefly explore several stats to help give you an idea what’s out there:

Disaster Recovery Expenses from DDoS or Ransomware

IT support in Austin can be essential in helping you prevent being sidelined through a DDoS attack through operational best-practices and support solutions. If you don’t put this in place, one attack could easily cost you $50k to recover from. Generally, that’s going to be higher than most SMBs will annually pay for MSP services anyway.

Every year you go without some DDoS attack backhanding your operation, you can be sure your IT provider has pulled its weight. The same is true with ransomware, which along with other cybercriminal issues averages $100k in terms of impact. Avoid two of those attacks in one year and your MSP just put $150k in your pocket, by the averages. Perhaps more, perhaps less; either way you save money.

Almost All Businesses with Disaster Recovery Restore Operations After Incidents

This is a very revealing statistic: it turns out approximately 96% of businesses who have some disaster recovery solution in place will be able to recover from an attack. Those are pretty good odds. When you consider the massive threat from cybercrime, you want to have the kind of protection that has such stats behind it.

One in Two Companies Experience Cyber-attacks; 70% of Those Attacks Target SMBs

You’ve got a 50/50 chance of experiencing a cyber-attack if you’re an SMB. The majority of cyber-attacks target SMBs owing to their vulnerability. You definitely need to find means of protecting against such threats.

Protect Yourself Statistically

IT support in Austin through Contigo Technology can help you reduce your vulnerability to cyber-attacks, restore operations after incidents, and avoid common attacks. For more information, feel free to contact us.