June 14, 2016

How to Build Your Cloud Strategy

Once the experimenting is done, the envisioning is done and everyone in the team is bought into your cloud migration plan, it’s finally time to get moving. But, where do you start? For anyone preparing to migrate to the cloud, it’s a perfectly natural question.

The only way to answer it starts with creating a portfolio of all your applications managed by IT, categorizing them one-by-one, based on their various attributes (document classification type, server count, etc.) and then bucketing these into sets of overall attributes that fall under top-level criteria. Typical criteria include performance, architecture, financial attributes, risk, operations, and security/compliance.

When creating your catalog, it’s useful to approach applications from two different vantage points: the top-down approach is focused on where applications should go to best serve the business, whereas the bottom-up approach is concerned more with the technical feasibility of where an application could go and still function.

If you would like to have Contigo assess your environment to create your cloud strategy, you can reach us here.