Improve the Cyber Security of Your Business with IT Services in Austin

IT services in Austin may be your best means of protecting operations. A small to medium-sized business (SMB) may consider itself exempt from most dangers which affect larger enterprises. This is a poor consideration. For your business cyber security in Austin, you must keep in mind that hackers understand how to exploit vulnerability. Just think about it critically: who is more likely to have strong cyber security; the multi-million dollar international organization or Bob’s Vacuuming down on Main St.? Bob may not even know what cyber warfare is; it’s possible he’s got a handful of desktop computers in the back office of his storefront and that all his client information is stored on these.

If a hacker should hold him for ransom as common ransomware criminals do, which is about a bitcoin’s worth of assets (around $9,600), that could seriously impact Bob’s bottom line. A small business with three employees pulling in $300,000 a year is not making a lot of profit. Taxes will take at least $75k of that $300k. Employees will conservatively pull out another $90k. Operational expenses will likely excise at least $60k, if not more–such costs include acquisitions, rent, utilities, unexpected issues, legal fees, marketing, etc. That leaves $75k for Bob and his family–that’s middle class in a lot of places today. If he loses $10k to a bitcoin ransomware scam, that could suck serious resources from his marketing budget. But here’s the thing: if Bob doesn’t pay the ransom, he’ll lose $50k of business, which neither he nor his family can afford to absorb.

A Prescient Threat

Making things even more troublesome for Bob is the reality that >more than four out of ten total cyber attacks specifically targets SMBs</a. IT services in Austin are integral for more than just big businesses! Several things MSPs are apt to advise SMBs to do to help protect them against attacks of this kind include:

  • Training employees
  • Keeping all systems patched, upgraded, and up-to-date
  • Continuously backing up as much as possible
  • Instituting better password management protocols
  • Understanding mobile threats

You need to train employees to handle an increasingly turbulent business climate. Ensure all systems are up-to-date in terms of security. Back up in a way that’s continuous if you can, that’s as regular as possible otherwise. Partner with an MSP to help you manage passwords and understand how mobile tech is especially at risk for hacking.

Dependable Operations

IT services in Austin from Contigo Technology can reduce fallout from cybercriminal exploitation and rebuff attacks through services like proactive monitoring and support. Contact us now to safeguard your SMB against cybercriminals that have you in their cross-hairs.