How IT Services Providers in Austin Help Improve Cybersecurity Defense

Cyber threats have continuously evolved and adversely impact businesses. For example, the massive data breaches caused by the WannaCry ransomware underscores the need for professional cyber security solutions in Austin. Fortunately, IT services providers in Austin excel in creating dependable cybersecurity solutions to defend against hacking attempts. While the nature of cyberattacks is ever-changing, they’re preventable but with the use of advanced security solutions.

Here are the top ways to improve your cybersecurity defenses:

Deploy Incident Management Simulations

Cyberattacks are now the greatest security risks for business, and it’s only a matter of chance for hackers to intrude your networks. However, by focusing on incident management, you’ll be able to analyze your security defenses fully and seal loopholes that could lead to successful attacks.

Preparing for a cyber breach deepens your understanding of security risks and helps future-proof your defenses. Also, it gives you up-to-date analytics on your technologies and helps you identify opportunities for tightening your defenses, for instance, upgrading the outdated firmware in your network devices.

Invest in a Multilayered Defense Program

IT services providers in Austin advocate for a comprehensive cyber defense system, which includes training your employees, customers, and partners on both security risks and the solutions available.

Doing so strengthens the use of technology to thwart attacks since trained users will employ security best practices in their daily routines and block suspicious emails as well as avoid unverified communications.

Besides, by abiding by security best practices, your staff will employ the right tools and evoke appropriate procedures in situations that might pose a risk of an attack. As a result, you’ll reduce the chances of your business falling victim to cybercriminals.

Use VPN for your Network Connections

Networks that depend on generic security protocols are vulnerable to hacking. Deploying virtual private networks for your organization ensures that data transmission from various branches and departments is secure from manipulation.

Run Threat Intelligence Drills

With the adoption of BYOD policies, mobile devices are at the frontline of cyber threats. For maximum protection, mobile devices used for work should have both restricted access to data and centralized control for the decommissioning of services in case of a breach.

Also, they should be subjected to continuous penetration testing as well as the rest of your internal networks. Doing so ensures that all weaknesses such as missing patches and outdated software are fixed, and any malware within your systems is uncovered.

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