IT Services in Austin: The Importance of Tablet and Phone Security

With many businesses allowing their employees to use their own mobile devices at work, IT services providers in Austin are warning that your business is at risk from hackers and cybercrime— unless security is tight. Using mobile technology is second-nature and often there will be emails, texts, passwords, financial information, and other work-related data, as well as the usual photographs and apps. If these devices were to be stolen or lost, the lack of strong security could result in anyone gaining access to both the data already on the device, as well as accessing the IT infrastructure of the business. To make sure they are completely safe, make sure your employees follow these basic rules:

Password Protection

This is the first line of defense as all mobile devices should allow you to set either a pin code or a password, and it is vitally important to make sure this is not easy to guess. As an added protection it can be useful to set the device to lock if it has not been used for a while, giving a hacker little time to be able to access anything sensitive.

Careful Choice of Apps

Make sure all your apps are downloaded from reputable sites like Google Play or the Apple Store. There are many malicious sites that look like they are offering valid apps, but in fact, will download something that contains a virus or malware.

Antivirus and Updates

Always update any program or software as soon as patches become available as they often have increased security measures included. As a general note, antivirus should always be installed on the devices as it can act as a warning if there are any problems.

Backup and Remote Wiping

Just as you would for data and programs within your business infrastructure, IT services providers in Austin also recommend backups are carried out on mobile devices. This is particularly useful if you also have a remote wiping capability installed, as you will still have all your sensitive information kept safe if the device is stolen and you have to return it remotely to its factory settings.

It is as important to be aware of cyber security in Austin, and if you would like any help from the experts, we at Contigo Technology are perfectly placed to advise you on your security issues. As an IT services company in Austin, we have years of experience in just this area and can help you with everything you need to know. Contact us today and we can easily protect you, your employees, and their mobile devices from the threat of cybercrime.