IT Services in Austin: Instituting End User Training Successfully

IT services experts in Austin advise that one of the biggest threats your company is going to face may not come from without. As a matter of fact, it turns out that the greatest threats to your company are internally sourced. There are a number of reasons for this, including:

  • Simple user error
  • Lax security regarding passwords
  • Poor operational protocols in terms of email
  • Lack of education

Basically, regardless how well you educate your employees internally, they’re still going to make incidental mistakes. Every now and again, they’ll go to do something simple, hit the wrong key at the wrong time, and incidentally delete everything. You can’t safeguard against that happening, but you can install BDR (Backup and Data Recover) protocols that will help reduce such instances from being impacting to operations.

What You Can Do

Where you can do something is in terms of security and education. When it comes to passwords, you need them to be designed such that they aren’t easy to guess. Passwords should be at least eight characters. Include a capital letter, a number, and a special symbol. The more special symbols, the better–though don’t make one entirely of special symbols! Additionally, you want to upgrade your passwords at regular intervals. If you can do it once a month, that’s fine. Once a week is better. An IT services provider in Austin can help you manage such passwords, update them, and get you on the most profitable schedule of renewal in this regard. Some businesses will have different needs than others. Generally, the larger your business, the more often you should update passwords, and the more secure they should be.

Email Considerations

Email is one of the greatest vulnerabilities for most businesses. Employees will get an email that appears to be from a superior but has really been “spoofed” from a location that isn’t within the company. These emails can be very deceptive and seem legitimate. Your best way around them is the establishment of certain protocols for larger transactions. For example, if a middle manager is responsible for transferring assets, then part of that protocol should be calling the individual requesting the said transfer on the phone and getting verbal confirmation before continuing. There are a million little tricks like this that are certainly worth your consideration.


Generally, until businesses pass a certain threshold of profitability, there is going to be a lack of specific education among employees. Getting past that requires helping your workers learn. One of the best ways to do this is to work with an MSP to provide in an hour’s meeting information that could save your business months of treading water playing catch-up.

If you haven’t looked into educational solutions for internal tech security, it may be time to. And if you have, you should also keep in mind that the technology world represents a moving target: you need to have regular educational sessions at intervals. Two to three times a year makes a lot of sense.

Securing Operations

An IT services provider in Austin like Contigo Technology can help train your workers pertaining to the best practices when it comes to the internet. Contact us now for education and tech solutions you can rely on.