IT Services Austin: Security Measures to Protect You from Cyber Attacks

Advancement in technology has introduced new and efficient ways that businesses can manage their daily activities such as cloud computing. However, this progress is not all celebration as technology also led to an increase in cybercrimes. With this increment, no business is safe unless you apply the right security measures. As an IT services provider in Austin, our tech support is fully packaged to include measures to help you stay safe from cyber-attacks. We also offer advice on how you can improve your safety online. Below are some measures that offer effective protection:

Activate Your Firewall

When surfing the internet, you never know who might be sniffing on your network. Since getting into the internet is a necessity for many business activities to be achieved, you cannot terminate the service. However, you can increase your security by having a firewall installed. It secures you by monitoring all traffic that comes and goes out of your computer. All Windows have a pre-installed firewall that you only need to activate.

Have an Up-To-Date Antivirus

Another way to physically protect yourself is by having an antivirus/anti-malware software installed. One of our duties as an IT services provider in Austin is ensuring that you have the best antivirus software and that is always up-to-date.

Keep Off Cracked Software

Some cracked software have malicious sectors that infect your machines when you install them. However, if you must use such software, choose custom installation instead of the standard one. This installation mode ensures that no other programs are installed.

Always Ensure Your Data is Encrypted Before Uploading It

You may assume that uploading simple information (such as your photos and documents) on file-sharing services (such as Google Drive and Dropbox) is safe. Some cybercriminals are notorious and can breach the security of these data companies. Therefore, always ensure you encrypt any data shared using AES 256-bit encryption. This usually takes less than 5 minutes but saves you a lot.

Never Share Sensitive Information on Social Media

Cyber security experts in Austin advise that you should warn employees about sharing critical information on social media. The internet is like a big bank that stores all the information uploaded to it. You may try to delete it at some point, but there are internet ninjas out there who can find ways to dig it up and use it against you.

Always Ensure You Update Your OS Installations

Every operating system regularly releases application updates. Sometimes, they may seem too many; but they are not only upgrades, they also have increased security measures. Hence, do not postpone or ignore updating.

Always Use Data Encryption

All sensitive files such as financial records should be encrypted. Also, have a back-up to these data on a different location and update them regularly.

Some of these steps might seem like hard work to you and especially when you have business duties to attend. Contigo Technology can help you! As an IT services provider in Austin, we are going to ensure all these security measures are followed to the letter. Contact us now for more information.