IT Services in Austin: Ways to Recognize and Fight Spam Messages

Spam messages have been around since the dawn of the internet. It is important for you, especially for your employees, to recognize these malicious emails. This is because the vast majority of cyber mistakes result from employees making simple errors that can easily be avoided. Here are five simple tips IT services experts in Austin share that can help your business stay protected from spam emails:

Don’t Click on Suspicious Links

One of the primary ways that malware infects a computer is through a user clicking on a suspicious link within an email. However, an employee can avoid this mistake by simply hovering over a link to reveal the target address. If you do not recognize the address or if it looks strange, it is best to avoid clicking on it and immediately contact an IT provider for further investigation.

Be Wary of Attachments

Another important tip to remember is always to be hesitant before you open any attachments. An excellent way to determine the legitimacy of an attachment is to scan it with antivirus software recommended by IT services experts in Austin. Antivirus software will notify you of any types of viruses or malware and can help you avoid making a costly mistake.

Never Give Out Confidential Information

The vast majority of phishing emails pretend to be from a legitimate source, so it is essential that your employees recognize these fraudulent emails. A legitimate company will never solicit your email address asking for personal information. If this happens to you, it is a good idea to contact a managed service provider (MSP) to help you identify these emails.

Poor Grammar and Misspellings

The vast majority of spam messages are low-quality and have many grammatical errors throughout the email. A legitimate company would never send an unprofessional email that is riddled with multiple mistakes. The best option for these emails is to send them directly to the spam folder.

Sense of Urgency

Many spam messages use an urgent tone in hopes of convincing a user to make a quick decision without thinking about the consequences. However, an IT provider can provide your employees with additional training to help them avoid falling into this common trap.

Spam messages continue to grow. It is important to partner with an IT services provider in Austin that can help your company avoid these malicious emails. Contigo Technology is an IT provider that focuses on cyber security in Austin. Our IT team will keep your organization protected and provide around-the-clock monitoring services. For more cyber security tips, contact us now.