How an IT Services Provider in Austin Can Make Sure Your Backup is Working Properly

You may be perfectly happy with the backup of your company’s IT systems; but are you sure it will save you if a disaster hits? IT services providers in Austin want to make sure that all firms are completely safe in just such a situation. However, it is surprising how many aren’t doing enough to survive if the worst should happen.

Possible Disaster Situations

When anyone thinks about a disaster situation, it is usually related to environmental problems like earthquakes, floods or tornadoes. Unfortunately, for a company reliant on their IT systems, it only takes a little error to lose everything. It could be the weather, but equally, it could be a cyber attack, important data accidentally being deleted, or even something as simple as an old bit of hardware failing.

If you do lose your systems, the first act should be to retrieve your backup. But what can you run it on? If your offices have been affected, you won’t be able to access any hardware, and then even if you do, all your software applications need to be restored, as well as the supporting environment. And unless you have been checking and backing up regularly, how do you know it is the latest replica of your systems without any corruption?

How to Overcome Disaster

Before disaster hits, you must make sure that your backup works and plan and test how you will restore your systems if anything does happen. If you normally store your backups offsite, what will you do if a disaster hits both your offices and where you store your backups? It may be time to consider backing your data up to the cloud, and this is where an experienced IT services provider in Austin can help.

Will you have a plan to restore your telephone system and how to get in touch with customers? Could your employees work from home? And if so, how will you connect them to your restored systems? There are many things to think about when it comes to using your company’s backup; your data and IT infrastructure shouldn’t just be copied and forgotten about.

Whether you have a backup and are worried about it working properly, or if you don’t have one at all, it could be time to get in touch with an IT services provider in Austin. Contact us now at Contigo Technology and we can check to see where the gaps are in your protection and suggest improvements to make sure that your company would be safe in the event of a disaster. It’s never too late to protect your business.